شما در حال مشاهده نسخه موبایل وبلاگ

قصری پر از جواهر

هستید، برای مشاهده نسخه اصلی [اینجا] کلیک کنید.

عکس دخترونه

برین تو ادامه هست

جمله های فلسفی و زیبای انگلیسی همراه با ترجمه (سری ۲)

تو ادامه گذاشتم

Don’t go for looks; they can deceive
Don’t go for wealth; even that fades away
Go for someone who makes you smile
Because it takes only a smile to
Make a dark day seem bright
Find the one that makes your heart smile

به دنبال ظواهر نرو؛ شاید فریب بخوری
به دنبال ثروت نرو؛ این هم ماندنی نیست
به دنبال کسی باش که به لبانت لبخند بنشاند
چون فقط یک لبخند می تواند
شب سیاه را نورانی کند
کسی را پیدا کن که دلت را بخنداند

Dream what you want to dream
Go where you want to go
Be what you want to be
Because you have only one life
And one chance to do all the things
You want to do

هر چه میخواهی آرزو کن
هر جایی که میخواهی برو
هر آنچه که میخواهی باش
چون فقط یک بار زندگی می کنی
و فقط یک شانس داری
برای انجام آنچه میخواهی

The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past
You can’t go forward in life until
You let go of your past failures and heartaches

همیشه بهترین آینده بر پایه گذشته ای فراموش شده بنا می شود
نمیتوانی در زندگی پیشرفت کنی
مگر غمها و اشتباهات گذشته را رها نکنی

There are moments in life when you miss someone
So much that you just want to pick them from
Your dreams and hug them for real

گاهی در زندگی دلتان به قدری برای کسی تنگ می شود
که می خواهید او را از رویاهایتان بیرون بیاورید
و آرزوهای خود در آغوش بگیرید

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful:
a meaningful friend or a meaningful day.
Dalai Lama

دوستان جدید از دنیا میروند و دوستان تازه ای پدیدار میشوند. درست مثل روزها … روزهای قدیمی میروند و روزهای تازه فرا میرسند. چیزی که مهم است این است
که به آنها مفهوم ببخشیم: یک دوست پرمعنا و یک روز پر معنا.
دالای لاما

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen

برای رها کردن امنیت آنچه با آن آشنا هستیم و در آغوش گرفتن چیزهای تازه جرئت زیادی لازم است. اما واقعیت این است که در چیزی که دیگر معنایی ندارد،
امنیتی هم وجود ندارد. در ماجرا جویی و شگفتی ها امنیت بیشتری نهفته است. چرا که زندگی در حرکت معنا پیدا میکند و قدرت در تغییر.
آلن کوهن..... لایک ونظر لطفا

داستان کوتاه انگلیسی دزد همراه با ترجمه فارسی

An old lady went out shopping last Tuesday. She came to a bank and saw a car near the door. A man got out of it and went into the bank. She looked into the car. The keys were in the lock.
The old lady took the keys and followed the man into the bank.
The man took a gun out of his pocket and said to the clerk, “Give me all the money.”
But the old lady did not see this. She went to the man, put the keys in his hand and said, “Young man, you’re stupid! Never leave your keys in your car: someone’s going to steal it!”
The man looked at the old woman for a few seconds. Then he looked at the clerk—and then he took his keys, ran out of the bank, got into his car and drove away quickly, without any money

ترجمه در ادامه

سه شنبه گذشته یک پیرزن برای خرید بیرون رفت. او به بانکی رفت و ماشینی را نزدیک در بانک دید. مردی از آن ماشین پیاده شد و به بانک رفت. پیرزن داخل ماشین را نگاه کرد. کلیدها روی قفل ماشین جا مانده بود.
پیرزن کلیدها را برداشت و به دنبال مرد وارد بانک شد.
مرد از جیبش اسلحه‌ای بیرون آورد و به منشی بانک گفت : “همه پولها را بده.”
اما پیرزن این کار او را ندید. او به طرف مرد رفت، کلیدها را در دستش گذاشت و گفت : جوان، خیلی گیجی! هیچ‌وقت کلیدهای ماشینت را در آنجا نگذار، هر کسی ببیند خیال دزدیدن ماشین به سرش می زند!
مرد چند ثانیه‌ای به پیرزن نگاه کرد. سپس به منشی نگاه کرد و بعد کلیدهایش را گرفت، از بانک بیرون دوید، سوار ماشینش شد و بدون هیچ پولی به سرعت از آنجا دور شد.

متضاد کلمات از A تا F در انگلیسی

برید تو ادامه گذاشتم

about exactly
above below
absence presence
abundance lack
to accept to refuse
accidental intentional
active lazy
to add to subtract
to admit to deny
adult child
advanced elementary
affirmative negative
afraid brave
after before
against for
alike different
alive dead
all none
always never
ancient modern
ancestor descendant
to agree to refuse, to argue
to allow to forbid
already not yet
always never
amateur professional
to amuse to bore
ancestor descendant
angel devil
animal human
to annoy to satisfy
to answer to ask
answer question
antonym synonym
apart together
approximately exactly
to argue to agree
to arrest to free, to set free
arrival departure
to arrive to depart, to leave
artificial natural
to ask to answer
asleep awake
to attack to defend
attack defence, protection
attic cellar
autumn spring
awake asleep
awful delicious, nice, pleasant
back in front of
background foreground
backward forward
bad good
bad luck fortune, good luck
beauty ugliness
before after
to begin to end, to stop, to finish
beginning end, ending
behind in front of
below above
best worst
better worse
beautiful ugly
big small, little
birth death
bitter sweet
black white
blunt sharp
body soul
to bore to amuse, to be interested in
boring exciting, interesting
to borrow to lend
bottom top
boy girl
brave cowardly, afraid
to break to mend, to fix
broad narrow
brother sister
to build to destroy
busy lazy
to buy to sell
calm excited
careful careless
careless careful
to catch to miss, to throw
ceiling floor
cellar attic
centre outskirts, suburb
certainly probably
changeable constant
cheap expensive
child adult, grown-up
children parents
clean dirty
clear cloudy
clever stupid
to close to open
closed open
cloudy clear, sunny, bright
cold (kalt) hot
cold (Kälte) heat
to come to go
comedy drama, tragedy
complicated simple
compliment insult
compulsory voluntary
to connect to separate
consonant vowel
constant changeable
construction destruction
to continue to interrupt
cool warm
correct false, wrong
courage fear
courageous cowardly
cowardly brave, courageous
to create to destroy
cruel human, kind
to cry (schreien) to whisper
to cry (weinen) to laugh
to damage to repair
danger security, safety
dangerous safe
dark light
daughter son
dawn dusk
day night
dead alive
death birth, life
deep shallow
defeat victory
defence attack
to defend to attack
delicious awful
to deny to admit
to depart to arrive
departure arrival
desperate hopeful
to destroy to build, to create, to form
destruction construction
devil angel
dictatorship republic
to die to live
different alike, equal, the same
difficult easy
dirty clean
disease health
distant near
to divide to unite
division unity
to divorce to marry
divorce marriage, wedding
divorced married
domestic foreign
down up
downstairs upstairs
drama comedy
dry humid, wet
dull interesting
dusk dawn
early late
east west
easy difficult, hard
elementary advanced
to emigrate to immigrate
emigration immigration
empty full
to end to begin
end beginning
ending beginning
enemy friend
to enjoy to hate
to enter to leave
entrance exit
equal different
even (Zahlen) odd
evening morning
everybody nobody
everything nothing
exactly about, approximately
excited calm
exciting boring
to exclude to include
exit entrance
expensive cheap
export import
exposure shelter
extreme moderate
to fail to succeed, to pass
failure success
false correct, true
far near
fast slow
fat slim, thin
fear courage
female male
few many
final first
to find to lose
to finish to begin
finish start
first final, last
to fix to break
flat hilly
floor ceiling
to follow to lead
to forbid to allow, to let, to permit
for against
foreground background
foreign domestic
foreigner native
to forget to remember
to form to destroy
fortune bad luck
forward backward
to free to arrest
to freeze to melt
frequently occasionally
fresh old/stale
friend enemy
front rear
in front of back, behind
full empty
funny serious

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